• 2020 Poetry Recap
    Here’s my 2020 Poetry recap. It’s short and sweet. I’ve written 25 poems, submitted 16 times, with 5 still pending, and 2 acceptances – Second @dailydrunkmag and Glory and Grace @tealightpress. Thanks again to @SBB_Writer @sp1ritjam & @mattpaperback I’ve learned a lot that I will take with me into 2021. Looking forward to a continuing … Continue reading 2020 Poetry Recap
  • Glory and Grace
    It’s a thrill to create; to draw a picture, to snap a photo, to write a poem. It’s even more exciting to have the creation published, icing on the cake I suppose. To reach that place requires the work (create), submitting the work (putting it out there), and facing the result (acceptance or rejection). That … Continue reading Glory and Grace
  • Inspiration
    You never know where inspiration will come from. I’ve started some new things during this pandemic, and one of them is Qi Gong. I was at work on my lunchbreak and reading a newsletter from Lee Holden Qi Gong where he quoted the Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu on water; “…whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding … Continue reading Inspiration
  • Pencil Pushing
    It’s never too late to learn something new and to make changes in your life. I was thinking about this in relation to holding my pencil. I was never taught how to hold a pencil properly. It was embarrassing and inefficient. I tried to change my grip to something more eloquent, but somehow I never … Continue reading Pencil Pushing

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