Glory and Grace

It’s a thrill to create; to draw a picture, to snap a photo, to write a poem. It’s even more exciting to have the creation published, icing on the cake I suppose. To reach that place requires the work (create), submitting the work (putting it out there), and facing the result (acceptance or rejection). That being said, I had a little icing on the cake with the publication of my poem, Glory and Grace, by Tealight Press @tealightpress (Features, September 20).


You never know where inspiration will come from. I’ve started some new things during this pandemic, and one of them is Qi Gong. I was at work on my lunchbreak and reading a newsletter from Lee Holden Qi Gong where he quoted the Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu on water; “…whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.” It got my creative wheels turning, and inspired this poem:


I am like water
soft and strong
try to resist me
or flow along
I can be still
or raging
refreshing and engaging
polluted or pure
toxic or a cure
a mist or a storm
a modest sip
or drip, drip, drip
a drought?
not yet
come on in
and get wet

GAM 20

The moral of the story, is to be open to intuitive thought, take creative breaks, and always carry a notebook.

Pencil Pushing

It’s never too late to learn something new and to make changes in your life. I was thinking about this in relation to holding my pencil. I was never taught how to hold a pencil properly. It was embarrassing and inefficient. I tried to change my grip to something more eloquent, but somehow I never managed. Fast forward to some fifty plus years later; I watched a YouTube video (is video still a word?… YouTube post maybe), Get a Grip, and something just clicked. So now I’m practicing. It’s just a small thing, but sort of a life lesson, not to be afraid to learn, change and grow at any age.

All Poetry

I’ve been checking out different poetry community websites, and so far, I’m liking All Poetry the best. It’s an engaged community of poets. You have to comment on two poems before your poem gets posted. I think it’s a good requirement. It get’s you reading other poet’s works, and leaving and receiving comments. An additional plus is that I can share my poetry from All Poetry directly to Facebook and Twitter. Thumbs up!

Here we go wordpress

Is an artist’s website necessary? I don’t know, but while I still exist and create content, I guess my ego wants to share the work I make. In this time of social isolation, I decided it was time for a change from my Smugmug website. I’ve been around the block a few times, with Livebooks and Fotomerchant as well; showcasing my photography and drawings. I’ve added poetry to my creative outlets, and Smugmug wasn’t great for that. It’s a little daunting staring everything from scratch, but also exciting and invigorating. Peek in now and then if you like. Here we go WordPress…